Sharon Greene is the creative director and founder of Queens of Neon. She is an artist, designer and creative consultant. Her work takes many forms from idea generation to art direction, event curation, space transformation, experiential brand identity, styling and more. 

Queens of Neon: Sharon set up Queens of Neon in 2008 and has since gained recognition for her innovative and artistic approach to her work for public and private bodies and collaborative work with other notable Irish artists and art collectives.

Inspiration: Sharon's passion lies in connecting people through shared experience. She believes by exploring the language of identity, memory, heritage, the built and natural environment, stories of the past present and future we can transcend the differences that keep us from connecting on a deeper level. Sharon is driven by her passion for watching ideas manifest into existence and by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

Background: After studying and working in the field of building conservation as a specialist consultant for over 10 years in the U.K and Ireland Sharon has developed a deep appreciation and passion for the Irish natural and built landscape. In her work with the Queens of Neon many aspects of her approach are inspired and influenced by this previous work, including the constant exploration of non-traditional use of space. 

Dublin Flea Market:  Sharon is co-founder and organiser of the Dublin Flea Market, a monthly second-hand market in Newmarket Sq, Dublin 8 that has over 80 stalls and has been running since 2008. The annual December market, The Dublin Flea Christmas Market, runs for 3 days in exciting underused spaces in the city, promotes some of the best design and craft innovators in the country and is attended by over 26,000 visitors. Curating, managing and promoting the markets has led to their huge success in terms of quality of merchandise and consumer turnout. The markets also bring a much needed vibrancy to underused quarters of Dublin City and operate as an incubator for Irish businesses.

With an acute sense of style and an eye for future trends, Sharon’s collaborative work ethic has resulted in her working with many of Ireland’s most dynamic creatives who together are determined to push the boundaries of Irish culture.

Services include Art Direction, Creative Consultation, Commissioned Art Installations,  Idea Generation, Experiential Brand Identity, Community Projects, Styling, Interiors, Event Design & Curation and more. 

If you have an idea you would like to talk to us about or a project you would like us to collaborate on, please call Sharon on - 087 6530456.